Watching Santa come up from a dive

I think it was three years ago I was walking along Sunabe Seawall one morning and saw a whole bunch of people and kids waiting on the seawall steps looking into the water.  It wasn’t until I walked back that I realized that they were all looking at Santa come up from a dive. I had forgotten about it until a few weeks ago when a “suggested” post came up about the 5th Annual Santa Dive by OkiDiveZone came up.  I found it!  That was it, and Gigi is just old enough to enjoy it.  I rushed to the Seawall at 8:30 thinking he got out of the water at 8:30, not that it when the event starts.  Luckily, there were tons of activities for Gigi to do before Santa made his entrance.

They had the biggest tree on the seawall.

They had games, prizes, musicians, and even a dressed up doggy that Gigi couldn’t get enough of.
santadiver-12 santadiver-14 santadiver-19 santadiver-10 santadiver-26 santadiver-29

You can see Santa in these next shots. It was so much fun. Gianna gets so amazed seeing Santa everywhere even in the water.

santadiver-35 santadiver-36 santadiver-37 santadiver-38 santadiver-39 santadiver-40 santadiver-41 santadiver-42 santadiver-44 santadiver-46

Below is Gigi not getting too close to Santa as he was “too wet” but she did enjoy talking to him.  Not enough for mommy to get a good picture of him.


It was nice of OkiDiveZone to set up this free events for families.


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