Endings and Beginnings- Here’s to 2018


My toddler didn’t need my help getting on the swing today. She has developed this sense of independence that excites me and scares me at the same time. She is no longer a baby anymore. Like they say, endings just mean new beginnings. I am delighted to start this new chapter of our lives even if I feel a little sad about the baby chapter ending.


Christmas 2017


We are still trying to figure out our family Christmas traditions. My husband grew up in a traditional Korean household so Christmas doesn’t mean a lot to him, but now as we have kids it’s fun to see how the girls’ light up for the Christmas magic. Since I am a teacher, school is off for two weeks for Winter Break and that means I don’t have to work.  It works out perfectly since the girls’ daycare is off from the 25th to the 3rd of January. I was hoping for a traditional Puerto Rican Christmas (Eve?) dinner.  I was planning on making pernil and arroz con gandules.  This first week of my vacation flew by and with the prospect of moving next month I couldn’t plan ahead to get the ingredients to make the meals.  The girls won’t eat it yet anyway. We spent Christmas Eve at American Village in Chatan eating Thai food.  The baby had an accident due to the extra fiber that the doc told us to put in her diet.  Thank goodness Japan has the best baby amenities to make changing diapers a team effort.  I couldn’t imagine trying to do this in a tiny bathroom alone!IMG_2123 My husband’s friends came to visit from Korea so they treated us to Yakiniku, which is something the whole family loves. Gigi can eat ramen all day every day.  She loves how it’s free rice and ice cream too.

IMG_2139 Here are some photos of the festivities.  The girls have matching shirts with their names.  I think we will go back to the matching pajamas next year.

Christmas2017 Christmas2017-32 Christmas2017-8Christmas2017-2 Christmas2017-29 Christmas2017-27 Christmas2017-26 Christmas2017-23 Christmas2017-16

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Watching Santa come up from a dive

I think it was three years ago I was walking along Sunabe Seawall one morning and saw a whole bunch of people and kids waiting on the seawall steps looking into the water.  It wasn’t until I walked back that I realized that they were all looking at Santa come up from a dive. I had forgotten about it until a few weeks ago when a “suggested” post came up about the 5th Annual Santa Dive by OkiDiveZone came up.  I found it!  That was it, and Gigi is just old enough to enjoy it.  I rushed to the Seawall at 8:30 thinking he got out of the water at 8:30, not that it when the event starts.  Luckily, there were tons of activities for Gigi to do before Santa made his entrance.

They had the biggest tree on the seawall.

They had games, prizes, musicians, and even a dressed up doggy that Gigi couldn’t get enough of.
santadiver-12 santadiver-14 santadiver-19 santadiver-10 santadiver-26 santadiver-29

You can see Santa in these next shots. It was so much fun. Gianna gets so amazed seeing Santa everywhere even in the water.

santadiver-35 santadiver-36 santadiver-37 santadiver-38 santadiver-39 santadiver-40 santadiver-41 santadiver-42 santadiver-44 santadiver-46

Below is Gigi not getting too close to Santa as he was “too wet” but she did enjoy talking to him.  Not enough for mommy to get a good picture of him.


It was nice of OkiDiveZone to set up this free events for families.

Pictures with Santa!

I have to get the pictures with Santa – we missed last year as I had just had a baby and was in no position to go track down Santa.

This year the Torii Station Library hosted a magical storytime with a real life Santa.  I was able to go with the girls.  There was a professional photographer, cookies, juice, and even coloring activities for the kids.  It was amazing that this program was free to the community.  I received some really cute photos.
Santa2017-5 Santa2017-4Santa2017

I am glad to hear that this Santa will be on Okinawa for at least another three years.  He really is larger than life.  I met his wife today at a playdate and he is 6’8.”

New Year and New Goals

Ha! So my goal is now to do a weekly blog.  Blogging is very therapeutic for me and I really want to document my life this way.

I can’t believe my youngest daughter is already a year old.  Here is a picture of her in a traditional Korean outfit, a hanbok.

Dani in a hanbok