Summer is coming!

I am so ready for school to get out.  It’s hard sometimes to find something to do to help me with my “101 days of summer photo challenge” when it’s raining outside and I am still working.

My brother has reserved a rental in Lake Chelan and I am super excited because we will get the whole Martinez clan together with the new babies.

The day 5 photo is of one of our favorite family restaurants, Coco Ichibanya.  It was a place I loved as a young airman stationed in Okinawa and still love as a “real” adult.  My husband was not a fan of Japanese curry until I introduced him to this restaurant.  Even Gigi is a fan.


My photo for day 6 of 101 was a rainy day addition.  I still haven’t mastered inside shots.  You can see Gigi in the background getting into trouble.


In this last photo I had forgotten my nice camera at home. I keep hearing the best camera is the one you have with you but I disagree because I have no idea why it’s such a bad quality picture!  Oh well, I did get a great shot with D and Gigi at the Family Fun Night.



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