Last week of School

This last week of school was a blur like it always is.  It is crazy to see the changes these kiddos go through from babies in 6th grade to the end of 8th grade, on their way to high school.  Of course there are one or two that I can’t wait to see move on.  Poor high school…

Day 13 – Here Gigi is trying out the stroller. She loves it and we need to use it more when we get back home after our summer vacation.


Day 14 – Pizza In – It’s one of our favorite family eateries.  It’s super toddler friendly and I like pizza.  You can find the amazing cheeseburger pizza which has ketchup and mustard on it.  It sounds gross, but it’s amazing.



Catching Up

Day 10/101 – Gianna just loves books. These came express from Korea. Our goals of her being bilingual aren’t coming to fruition yet but we are working on it.

Day 11/101 – Gianna just loves Minnie Mouse. She always wants to wear dresses. She chose the sneakers so she can run better. Silly girl.


12/101 – Dani turned 7 months on the 7th of June. I can’t believe it has gone so fast. She couldn’t sit up by herself in this photo taken on the 7th but now on the 13th she can sit up! So much can change in a couple of days


Is School out yet?

The last few weeks of school seem to go so quickly but drag on at the same.  It doesn’t seem possible.  We leave the day after school gets out to start our summer adventures.

I can’t believe I was ever cold last week.  This weekend we have been getting out at 8am to beat the heat.  Some of the best  parks aren’t open until 9:30 so it has made me do a little more exploring.

This is Day 8/101 – we went to Toguchi Beach again in Yomitan.


Day 9/101

This fits with my 52 Frames post of “Shapes.”  It was a rainy Sunday so this colorful umbrella is perfect for the theme.


Summer is coming!

I am so ready for school to get out.  It’s hard sometimes to find something to do to help me with my “101 days of summer photo challenge” when it’s raining outside and I am still working.

My brother has reserved a rental in Lake Chelan and I am super excited because we will get the whole Martinez clan together with the new babies.

The day 5 photo is of one of our favorite family restaurants, Coco Ichibanya.  It was a place I loved as a young airman stationed in Okinawa and still love as a “real” adult.  My husband was not a fan of Japanese curry until I introduced him to this restaurant.  Even Gigi is a fan.


My photo for day 6 of 101 was a rainy day addition.  I still haven’t mastered inside shots.  You can see Gigi in the background getting into trouble.


In this last photo I had forgotten my nice camera at home. I keep hearing the best camera is the one you have with you but I disagree because I have no idea why it’s such a bad quality picture!  Oh well, I did get a great shot with D and Gigi at the Family Fun Night.