Day 2 – Rainy Season Fun

I used to love those rainy days where I was allowed to stay in all day binge watching TV and movies.  Now I dread them because I know that there is no way for my toddler to run out her energy to be ready for nap time.  Nap time is a 2 hour saving grace where I can relax.  Although it is rare that both girls nap at the same time, the 6 month is a lot easier to take care of when there isn’t a 2 year old trying to get your attention.  The baby allows me to watch TV without interruptions as long as I am holding her.

I used to have big aspirations of working out during Gigi’s nap.  I still would like to, but it hasn’t happened yet and today will probably not be the day it starts.

Today my toddler woke up at 5:30 with the sun.  By 7 am, I saw that it wasn’t supposed to rain until 8:30 and ran off to the beach for some pictures and get her to run her energy out.

Here’s picture 2 of 101 Days of Summer:


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